Author: Mustakim, Agus Buono, Irman Hermadi

Publish: 2nd International Conference on Science and Technology for Sustanability


Based on the law of energy, the government is required to develop potential alternative energy made of palm to overcome the crisis of electricity like in Riau. Considering that Indonesia has a large area that planted by palm and produce palm in high number, Riau is predicted to be able to develop the renewable energy center. Related to this, government policy is needed in determining the in the area based on the potential and predetermined criteria. Simple Additive weighting is a method of decision making based on a weighted sum capable of providing renewable energy-related decisions. The deciding factor is not the decision of ranking the results based on the main criteria such as plantation area and production results, but four other factors have the potential to influence the outcome. Likewise, the weighting using Analytical Hierarchy Process method is more efficient than the ordinary preference weighting because Eigen value does not affect the decision result significantly.


The result of the research can be concluded that determining factors from the result of ranking decision are not based on important ranking in main criterion, namely WPP and TPP, but there are four other factors such as TNV, TNS, PD and TPF which has potential to influence the result. While the preferences weight based on pairwise comparison assessment AHP are more efficiently to compare with regular weight. It can be shown from there was no effect the changing of weight significantly toward the reach goal. While for the calculating of the result of SAW was really influenced by value in important alternative based on benefit and cost. From the result, it obtained 4 important rating will be owned different result with more or less from 4 important rating. The result of calculation in each of alternative or sub district every year has the result that tends did not constant. It caused because the influence of criterion data that usually change.

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