Author: Zaitun, Mustakim, Insanul Kamila, Siti Syahidatul Helma

Publish: International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology (IJEAT)


Presidential Instruction No. 7 of 2014 mandates PIP to the Ministry of Education and Culture to summarize Indonesia Smart Card (KIP) and spread PIP funds to students that cannot afford to pay education. However, Indonesia Corruption Watch (2018) explained that the data used for the Smart Indonesia Program (PIP) was still inaccurate because almost half of the poor people with a percentage of 42.9% were not registered as participants in the Smart Indonesia Program (PIP). According to ICW, this is due to the data used for the process of determining the candidates for the Smart Indonesia Program recipients of the funds are still inaccurate and harming others who supposed to get funds. One method that usually used as a decision-making technique in the research is the Multi-Objective Optimization Ratio Analysis (MOORA) method which is a multi-criteria decision-making that has five main steps as a technique and it can be used to rank prospective PIP fund recipients based on the highest to the lowest preference values. The results of this study indicate that the first rank with the highest value was 0.0539 and the last rank with the lowest value was 0.0211 so it used to ease the stakeholders to determine the amount of KIP recipients based on the preference values. This method can be applied for stakeholders needed in compared to monotonous data processing using estimates.


Based on the results of this research used the MOORA method it can be concluded that:

  1. This method can be applied to determine the ranking of prospective KIP recipient data with the highest preferences as first ranking results in alternative S-36 with a value is 0.0539 and at the last rank in alternative S-758 has the lowest value with a value is 0.0211, so MOORA method can be used in this case. In addition, stakeholders can determine the amount of KIP recipients that eligible based on the ranking that has been obtained.
  2. The results of data processing carried out using the MOORA method gained a final score that is more effective in determining the prospective KIP recipient for the implementation in future cases, compared to monotonous data processing using estimates. For further research, other decision making techniques can be applied.

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